Jens Tuider

Jens studied philosophy and is now Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at ProVeg International – a global food awareness organisation working to make our food system more sustainable, healthy, just and humane. He created and leads the Cellular Agriculture Project (CAP) at ProVeg – aiming to explore the potential of cultured meat, eggs and dairy as a complement to the organisation’s plant-based strategy. He also consults political decision makers, leading international business schools and investors on the potential of plant-based, fermentation-derived and cell-cultivated alternatives to animal products.

 Jens is a strategist and advisor specialised in food-systems change and alternative proteins and has extensive experience in non-profit management and leadership. He is also a speaker, writer and author, leading projects like ProVeg's “Food and Pandemics Report”.
 Jens's approach in the non-profit sector is inspired by the principles of effective altruism - the idea of using our limited resources effectively to create as much good as possible.