Donal Murphy-Bokern 

Dr Donal Murphy-Bokern ( is an independent agricultural and environmental scientist based near Bremen in Germany. He supports research strategy development, science-based policy development, and innovation.  He has a broad agricultural science background with degrees in agricultural science from University College Dublin and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. His work as an independent scientist since 2007 draws on 25 years'

experience as an agricultural scientist in the UK and Germany between 1985 and 2007. He led the scientific development of a farmer-owned research organisation based at the University of Newcastle. This was followed by 14 years working in the German and British civil services.


Dr Donal Murphy-Bokern has played a leading role in a number of international consortia focused on the development of legume-supported cropping systems, and the relationships between farming systems, diet, and sustainable development.

He has supported the development of the European Commission's research policy, especially through chairing several expert review groups examining the scope and direction of the European Union framework programmes for research and innovation. Drawing on this experience, he is also the scientific advisor to the President of Donau Soja.

He supports Donau Soja in all aspects of the development of its policy, and research and innovation activities, and provides scientific support to the development of the association generally.