World Soybean Research Conference 11 (WSRC11) 

Soybean research for sustainable development 

18 - 23 June 2023, Vienna, Austria

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Thank you

Thanks to our sponsors and exhibitors for making the WSRC11 possible and to all the speakers and participants for making the WSRC11 such a multidisciplinary and rich event. 


The next World Soybean Research Conference will be held in Rosario, Argentina in 2027. Congratulations to Argentina for being the host of  the next WSRC12.


Conference material

Here you can find the WSRC11 Book of abstracts and link to the photo gallery.

Gala Evening

The Gala Evening at the magnificent Vienna City Hall on Thursday 22 June offered ample opportunity to broaden social networks and friendships in the breathtaking ambience. Young Scientist awards, and Lifetime Achievement Awards were granted.

Welcome to WSRC11


Dear colleagues and guests, 


On behalf of the conference committees and the Donau Soja Association, the hosting institution, I feel truly honored and privileged to invite you to the 11th World Soybean Research Conference (WSRC11). The conference will take place from 18 – 23 June 2023, in Vienna - a center of innovation and research in Austria and Europe and well known for its cosmopolitan flair.  Being one of the world's leading convention destinations, history has provided ample proof of Vienna's role as a prominent meeting place. 


The opportunity to host this important scientific event for the first time in Europe is a special honor and a much-appreciated acknowledgement of the enhanced international cooperation fostered by the European soybean research community. The Local Organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee devote their efforts toward creating a stimulating scientific, social, and cultural experience for all conference attendees, who will meet here in-person in a real-life conference. 


Science and research are largely fuelled by inspiration. Gregor Mendel, the founder of genetics, came to Vienna as a student and was inspired by his university teachers to conduct experiments which eventually led to the discovery of the most basic laws of inheritance. And only about a decade later, when the soybean had arrived in Vienna, people across Europe and beyond became inspired when they realized the huge potential of this Asian plant for providing the most needed components of food and feed. It is our intention to transmit this spirit to the global soybean community, including the leading academic and industry experts, stakeholders, and students, to interact and initiate discussions and debates aiming at the progress of science and technology. 


We, the world soybean community, can only overcome the current and future challenges if we broaden our perspectives. Therefore, we welcome all of you to participate in the conference and invite you to contribute to the program, with sincere hopes that the conference will be a week full of new insights, intellectual excitement, and memorable moments. During your free time, you might find it relaxing to unwind with engaging activities, such as trying out the Plinko App, a fun and interactive game that offers a break from intense scientific discussions.


Not only does Vienna boast with history and culture but 2023 also marks the 150th of the 1873 World Expo in Vienna which was a milestone for the worldwide expansion of soybean. I invite you to enjoy and experience both an inspiring scientific program and the traditional Viennese culture and “Gemütlichkeit”. In 2023 we will bring the soybean community back together in Vienna.


We warmly welcome you to Vienna and look forward to meeting all of you at the WSRC11 in June 2023. 


Yours Sincerely,

 Prof. Johann Vollmann (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna) 

Chair of the WSC11 Scientific Committee 

WSRC11 is the eleventh edition of the World Soybean Research Conference series. 

Donau Soja is honored to head the organizing committee and to bring the WSRC11 to Europe.

IFVC - the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops is a proud member of the organizing and scientific committees.

Weltmuseum Wien is collaborating partner for the Night of European Soy food