Iryna Brovko 

Iryna Brovko, Ph.D. (biological sciences), Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the INSTITUTE OF AGROBIOLOGY - the private scientific institution engaged in scientific consulting and fundamental developments in the field of agronomy, biotechnology, microbiology and ecology. Vice President of the Ukrainian Biological Association. 

Iryna Brovko is a specialist in the field of agricultural microbiology and soil microbial ecology and is a co-author of six patents. She specializes in the physiology of symbiotic nitrogen-fixing microorganisms and has spent many years studying plant-microbe interactions, particularly the formation and functioning of the soybean-rhizobia symbiosis. She has participated in the creation and production of biological products based on nitrogen-fixing microorganisms for leguminous plants and is involved in creating biological products based on other agriculturally beneficial soil microorganisms. Her scientific interests also include the development of various preparative forms of microbiological products and the study of their technological suitability, convenience for consumers, and their impact on the effective action of bioagents.