Michael Gohn

Michael Gohn is general manager of Probstdorfer Saatzucht, which is a family owned seed producing and joint shareholder of the breeding company Saatzucht Donau.

He is currently the president of Euroseeds, having been on the Euroseeds Board since nearly 20 years, previously as chairman of the Section Cereals and Pulses.

Michael Gohn studied chemistry at the University of Vienna, and carried out his Ph.D. in radiation chemistry at both RISÖ Denmark and Max Planck Mülheim/Ruhr FRG institutes.

He then joined the Austrian oil company OMV, where he was in charge of research and product development, mainly fuels. End of 1990 he joined the Mauthner company group, and took over the management of Probstdorfer Saatzucht mid 1999. In 2000 he was elected chairman of the Agricultural Trade in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, a position he held for 3 periods till 2015.

In 2004 he was nominated as Austrian representative for the Euroseeds Board, and consequently elected 2010 as chairman of the Austrian Seed Association, a position he is still holding.

Michael Gohn is representative of the Mauthner company group on the Donau Soja Board since its founding in 2012.