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This is the preliminary overview of the conference sessions, which is gradually being expanded. 

Plenary sessions

Monday: Opening keynote addresses
Tuesday: Donau Soja session
Wednesday: Regional soybean reports
Thursday:  Spotlights on policy, societal impacts, sustainable development, and organic farming

Thematic parallel sessions 

Breeding, genetics, genomics, and biotechnology

Soybean pangenome and genetic diversity

Innovations in breeding technology

Genomic assisted breeding

Soybean genome editing

Germplasm collections and evaluation

Seed composition

Breeding for abiotic stress and climate change

Breeding for biotic stress


Weeds, diseases, pests, and their management

New and emerging pests and diseases

Strategies for disease, pest and weed control

Managing disease, pest and weed resistance

Advanced tools and sensors for soybean protection


Soybean for Africa

Introduction to SoyBase (, the Soybean Breeder’s Toolbox

Science For Success: a model program for applied research and extension outputs

Agronomy, physiology, and agrotechnology

Yield and seed composition response to environment

Precision agriculture and yield-gap analysis for resource-use efficiency

Using data-driven knowledge for profitable crop management

Soil fertility and plant nutrition

Soybean rhizosphere and nitrogen fixation

Seed production and technology


Food, feed, and nutrition

Functionality of soy foods

Soy proteins, bioactives and nutrigenomics

Feed and aquaculture developments

New uses, non-food uses, and processing


Business and legal

Policy and the regulatory environment