Brice Sinhouenon 

I am Brice Gildas Sinhouenon from Benin. Currently, I am a PhD student in Agricultural Sciences and Biological Engineering at UCLouvain (Belgium), My research is focusing on sustainable crop production. Specifically, it revolves around the assessment and exploration of innovative farming options for the sustainable improvement of soybean and maize production in Benin. 

Soybean and maize are essential crops in our country, providing both food and economic stability for many communities. However, there are significant challenges that hinder their production, including nutrient deficiencies and unsustainable farming practices. Therefore, my research aims to identify and evaluate novel approaches that can enhance the productivity and sustainability of soybean and maize cultivation. 

Through my work, I am actively involved in field experiments, data collection, and analysis to gain valuable insights into the potential of different farming techniques. This includes studying the effects of integrated nutrient management, exploring the use of biofertilizers (soybean seed inoculation with Rhizobium and AMF) and intercropping system. By examining these innovative farming options, we hope to develop strategies that can optimize crop yields while minimizing environmental impacts. 

The ultimate goal of my research is to contribute to the advancement of agricultural practices in Benin, promoting sustainable and efficient farming systems that can improve food security, livelihoods, and the overall well-being of farmers in the region. By finding effective and sustainable solutions, we can create a positive impact on both the environment and the local communities