Fernando Storniolo Adegas 

Dr Fernando Storniolo Adegas is the lead researcher in Weed Science at Soybean Center of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - Embrapa. He works on several research initiatives related to the Sustainable Management of Weeds, in different soybean production systems, with emphasis on studies related to weed resistance to herbicides. Dr Adegas leads some specific projects in the area, such as the “Integrated management of weeds resistant to herbicides in soybean production systems”, whose main focus is precisely the management of weed resistance to herbicides. He also leads projects that integrate other areas of knowledge, such as the interaction between weed management and carbon balance.

In addition to his research work, Dr Adegas participates in several technology transfer projects, such as the organization of scientific events. In this regard he has recently been president of the Brazilian Weed Science Congress, promoted by the Brazilian Weed Science Society, of which the researcher was one of the directors.