Rodolfo Luis Rossi 

Ing. Agr. Rodolfo Luis Rossi graduated as an Agronomist Engineer with Phytotechnics Orientation from the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Buenos Aires in 1976. He was research manager at ASGROW ARGENTINA Seed Co. and Global Director of Soy Research at its successor NIDERA. 

Rodolfo has created numerous varieties of soybeans of wide diffusion with property in several countries and patents in the USA, and hybrids of corn and sorghum. Rodolfo is the author of scientific papers on Genetic Improvement, Phytopathology and Crop Management and speaker and President at International Seminars and Congresses.

He is current President of ACSOJA, and former of the PROSOJA Association and the College of Agricultural Engineers of Santa Fe. 

Rodolfo has received local and international recognition. He is currently an International Consultant in Genetic Improvement and Strategy.