Xavier Pinochet

Dr Xavier PINOCHET is scientific expert at TERRES INOVIA an applied research and extension farmer organization, specialized on oil and grain legumes crops. Agronomist and PhD in soil microbial ecology he is working on Soybean for 40 years. Xavier Pinochet spent 10 years at INRA as a specialist of plant inoculation and microbial ecology of rhizobia. he joined CETIOM (TERRES INOVIA since 2015) in 1993 as head of varietal evaluation and seeds activities. From the early 2000’s, his field of activities has been extended to plant protection, especially durable management of plant resistance to pathogens. He became representative of CETIOM in several scientific or administrative institutions dealing with the seeds or the plant protection sectors.  He contributed or coordinated many technical or scientific projects. In 2012 he took the lead of the new MTI department (Methods and Innovative technologies) aiming to introduce new technologies in the institute experimental activities. He also was involved in several national genomic and plant breeding crop projects, for Rape, sunflower, pea and fababean.  In the recent years, he is more focussed on grain legume species, including rhizobia inoculation and biological nitrogen fixation. In 2020 he was elected at the French Academy of Agriculture as corresponding member of section n°1 plant production.