Technical excursions

Winery Esterhazy | Organic soybean & wine

Main focus of the tour:
A guided tour of our organic farm. You will gain insight into what is happening on the farm and learn more about the cattle and chickens on the farm and the resulting closed nutrient cycles. The focus of the tour will be on organic farming and soybean farming. A large part of the cultivated crops is processed into products by Esterhazy itself or together with partners. The highlight is a tasting of the diverse products from organic farming and hunting. We would be happy to take you on a tour of a nearby field afterwards.

You can purchase a limited ticket for € 140.00 per person including:

  • Bus transfer
  • Entrance & guided tour
  • Wine tasting
  • Lunch
  • Touristic program in the afternoon

International Atomic Energy Agency (Joint FAO/IAEA Division), Seibersdorf Laboratories

This is the world leading institution in plant mutation research and mutation breeding, serving member countries with expertise, radiation service, training and research. During the excursion to Seibersdorf Laboratories, insight will be provided to current activities of the Plant Breeding and Genetics Subprogram.
Lunch + touristic program around Neusiedler See

You can purchase a limited ticket for € 80.00 per person including:

  • Bus transfer
  • Guided tour
  • Lunch
  • Touristic program in the afteroon

Food processing and local enterprises tour


Our first stop will be the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Department of Food Science and Technology. 

At the BOKU we will visit: 

Welcome and Introduction to the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences 

Crop Sciences at BOKU - insights into soybean research activities 

Bioanalytics and Agro-Metabolomics - insights into Danube Allergy Research Cluster (DARC) and the detection of soy allergens in food 

Food Science and Technology - different facets of food processing and food quality 

Food Processing for Healthy and Sustainable Products - visit to food technology pilot plant with insights into different technologies for ingredient recovery, formulation and texturization as well as preservation 

The Intersection of Food Physics and Microbiology - presentation and visit to food physics lab with focus on food structure formation and characterisation as well as use of fermentation for sustainable food products 

From Sensory Evaluation to Sensory & Consumer Science - visit to food sensory lab with presentation and tasting as well as demonstration of observational techniques such as eye tracker or face reader. 

After the tour we will visit the “Landgarten” – a food processing pilot plant, where you will learn exciting facts about the nutritious legume and follow the path of the soybean from the field to the bag. In addition to interesting facts about our food and its processing, you will learn interesting facts about regional production, fair trade and sustainable energies. Discover the variety of Lower Austrian organic farms and take a look behind the scenes of an international food manufacturer with regional roots! 


You can purchase a limited ticket for € 115.00 per person including: 

  • Bus transfer 
  • Guided Tour at the BOKU and Landgarten 
  • Snacks & Lunch 
  • Touristic program in the afternoon 

Note: The tour will only take place, if a minimum number of 30 attendees have registered for the tour.